The Small Business Book Biz: Sell Local, Think Global

Author proof in hand

Author proof in hand

To say I’m excited right now is an understatement.  I’m overjoyed, elated, and downright thrilled.  My newly published book, Sell Local, Think Global, is officially up on…and people are pre-ordering already!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Dan Tepke, author of Hatching Your Million Dollar Business, called my book “a must-read”… or that the CEO of the California Women’s Conference, Michelle Patterson, raved that my tips “will have you completely reevaluating the way in which you market your business and sell yourself.”  (Note to self: send branded pre-holiday fruitcakes to early endorsers.) read more

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Do You Incorporate Testing In Your Business Decisions, Y or N?

Presenting people with a strong call to action is a cornerstone of online marketing and sales. In early 2014, Facebook sought to simplify this process for its users by creating a set of ready-made “call to action” buttons. Users simply select one of the given options, and — Bam!  a self-explanatory button shows up right into their paid or organic Facebook posts, conveniently telling readers exactly what you want them to do. Facebook’s button choices include:

Wait, what? I'm still unclear.

Wait, what? I’m still unclear.

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I have written in the past about the importance of testing, which is possibly even more true for …

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Logo-a-Go-Go: Do You Need a Logo Makeover?

It may seem like a pain to change your letterhead or signage, but whether you’ve been around for five years or fifty, your logo may very well be in need of an update. Although you may not have thought about it recently, it’s altogether possible that your logo is outdated, has become cliché, or uses a font that speaks to an earlier decade.

It’s important to recognize that most logos can never be truly “timeless.” Just as there are trends in fashion, there are trends in design, as well. So, don’t be afraid to give your image a modern logo makeover.

Coca Cola Logo Largely Unchanged

Even a brand like Coca-Cola, which has never updated its logo, uses continually fresh design elements and new packaging around a consistent mark. Its competitor, Pepsi, however, redoes its logo every decade or so.

Thus, you don’t necessarily need to create an entirely new logo, but you may want to freshen it up. An updated logo can do pretty incredible things, like …

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Swagtastic: The Three Schools Of Thought In The World Of Promotional Items

good marketing ideasAs we discussed last week, swag is a necessary evil. Studies have shown that promotional items are more memorable than either print or TV advertising. So, like it or not, you’d better get some stuff to hand out.

Trade Show Marketing

In general, there are three schools of thought when it comes to choosing promotional items…

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Trade Showstoppers: How To Make Your Swag Sizzle

Expert in Marketing, Strategy Marketing Consulting, trade show swagWho doesn’t love a good trade show? (Don’t answer that.) Okay, they’re a necessary evil—and one that sneaks right up on you.

Every time, the age-old question right before the big event is almost always, “What on earth are we going to hand out at the show?”

Well, is it actually important to have swag? In a word: yes. Studies have shown that promotional items are more memorable than…

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Overwhelmed at Work? You Are Not Alone. How to Do It All.

heman-so-many-choicesToo much: Stuff. To Dos. Shouldas. Couldas.

Not enough: Time. Resources. Information. Even, Love.

Overwhelmed at work? Need a life hack? Start with the idea of enough. As in… read more

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The Evolution of Selling Your Stuff: The Bar is Raised

Remember the days of selling your stuff via a classified ad? You only needed one asset: the copy (text) on the ad giving information on the car for sale.  Then came a newspaper like publication dedicated to selling cars: the Auto Trader. So at least two assets were required: the copy and a fuzzy b&w picture that you sent in, or scheduling a photographer from the publication to take a snap. Now, at bare minimum… read more

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What Business Battle of the Sexes? Building – Not Burning – Bridges

Guest Author Sarah Daniels

Guest Author Sarah Daniels

So, as promised, this week’s post comes courtesy of guest blogger Sarah Daniels, owner of communications company Play On Words and current VP of marketing at PayForward, who looks at the evolving state of what used to be men vs. women in the business battle of the sexes. Weirdly enough, I make a guest appearance within this guest article. So the plan goes ahead … as planned. Take it away, Sarah!      ~ Olga

The NEW Differences Between Men and Women in Business: They’re Not What You Think They Are

There’s a lot of data out there touting the differences between men and women when it comes to education, achievement, pay rates, independence, and decision making. This is not an article about any of those things. Rather …

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