Swagtastic: The Three Schools Of Thought In The World Of Promotional Items

As we discussed last week, swag is a necessary evil. Studies have shown that promotional items are more memorable than either print or TV advertising. So, like it or not, you’d better get some stuff to hand out.

Trade Show Marketing

In general, there are three schools of thought when it comes to choosing promotional items…

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Trade Showstoppers: How To Make Your Swag Sizzle

Expert in Marketing, Strategy Marketing Consulting, trade show swagWho doesn’t love a good trade show? (Don’t answer that.) Okay, they’re a necessary evil—and one that sneaks right up on you.

Every time, the age-old question right before the big event is almost always, “What on earth are we going to hand out at the show?”

Well, is it actually important to have swag? In a word: yes. Studies have shown that promotional items are more memorable than…

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Overwhelmed at Work? You Are Not Alone. How to Do It All.

heman-so-many-choicesToo much: Stuff. To Dos. Shouldas. Couldas.

Not enough: Time. Resources. Information. Even, Love.

Overwhelmed at work? Need a life hack? Start with the idea of enough. As in… read more

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The Evolution of Selling Your Stuff: The Bar is Raised

Remember the days of selling your stuff via a classified ad? You only needed one asset: the copy (text) on the ad giving information on the car for sale.  Then came a newspaper like publication dedicated to selling cars: the Auto Trader. So at least two assets were required: the copy and a fuzzy b&w picture that you sent in, or scheduling a photographer from the publication to take a snap. Now, at bare minimum… read more

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What Business Battle of the Sexes? Building – Not Burning – Bridges

Guest Author Sarah Daniels

Guest Author Sarah Daniels

So, as promised, this week’s post comes courtesy of guest blogger Sarah Daniels, owner of communications company Play On Words and current VP of marketing at PayForward, who looks at the evolving state of what used to be men vs. women in the business battle of the sexes. Weirdly enough, I make a guest appearance within this guest article. So the plan goes ahead … as planned. Take it away, Sarah!      ~ Olga

The NEW Differences Between Men and Women in Business: They’re Not What You Think They Are

There’s a lot of data out there touting the differences between men and women when it comes to education, achievement, pay rates, independence, and decision making. This is not an article about any of those things. Rather …

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Be A VIP at the California Women’s Conference

While I’d never say no to a Romy and Michelle-style “business women’s special” (i.e., a cheeseburger and fries), you can definitely expect something a bit more upscale for lunch at the upcoming California Women’s Conference in Long Beach, which takes place on May 19th and 20th, 2014, and will feature, among many others, speakers Arianna Huffington, Jane Pauley, and Jack Canfield. If you’re interested in sitting with me at my personal VIP table … read more

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Crowdrise Battles Active.com for Non-Profit Domination

Brand Ambassador, SUP World Champ Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Standup-For-The-Cure.org Brand Ambassador, SUP World Champ Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

This Saturday, May 3rd, I’m so proud that my company ohso! design will once again be part of the Guinness … read more

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Make Lemonade: Leverage Customer Criticism Into Small Business Success

Even the Baby Has his business input, online marketing for small businessMaybe it’s just glass-half-full mentality, but Rob Hatch, the operational yin to bestselling author and speaker Chris Brogan’s yang over at OwnerMag.com, views every customer-generated communication as an opportunity. Even if the message is a literal “eff you.”

Many companies might cringe or become overly defensive about customer criticism and react instead of respond. They might even just ignore it completely. Yet not Hatch, who would likely …

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Lunar Eclipse Lessons On Responding To Reviews

Screenshot 2014-04-15 06.46.10Nerd Alert! Did you see last night’s lunar eclipse? At the point that you would think the moon would totally disappear from the shadow of the Earth, it didn’t. Instead, a glowing red spectacle, known as the blood moon appeared.  So cool!

How does this happen? Sunsets and sunrises going on our planet still get reflected in the moon even though our planet is blocking the sun at the time. And here’s the segway;… read more

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Small Business Survival: Making the Most of Your Mad (Business) Skillz

duffAs discussed in our most recent Ask Olga, many folks have toyed with the idea of transitioning their sometimes hobby into a bona fide small business. When thinking about how to start a successful small business, a lot of artisans begin with that hobby and begin building their small business ideas around that starting point.

Unfortunately, mere enjoyment of a hobby does not necessarily a successful small business make, even if you have the most mad creative skillz. That’s because small businesses presents boatloads of financial, administrative, personnel, and even regulatory challenges that can baffle (or bore) even the most talented artisans. In order to transition an enjoyable activity into a real profit center …

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