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Brand You!

Make your video in 15 minutes or less

Later this year, I’ll be launching an easy, educational series that hones in on communicating your personal brand through a short professional video that I promise you can create in minutes. I’ve done video for years, many with Hollywood professionals, and it takes hours, if not days. For the past year, I’ve developed a revolutionary way to get your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) across via video that you can produce yourself in minutes, no joke. It will make you the clear choice in a crowded market.

I would like loyal readers like you to be my VIPS in this process. Sign up below and I’ll let you know when my project is ready for testing, and you will get the first round for FREE. It’s my gift to you, and your feedback is genuinely a gift to me.

A key to succeeding in the gig economy is to have your personal business brand locked down. Today that includes more than just a photo of yourself. It’s developing your own unique value proposition that speaks why you should get the job. It’s social network pages, it may be your own personal website. And most of all, it’s important to keep ahead of the curve with tools like video, new platforms and more.

Learn how to make a video, just like this one. Professional-looking and quick moving to show the world, and especially your target audience, why they should choose you, again and again.

“Olga is the go-to resource for how to succeed in today’s gig economy. She single-handedly changed the way I think about and run my freelance-based business.”

~ Artin Aghamalian, D-Vision Inc.
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