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I’ve been lucky to assist a variety of Southern California brands through my 12-year old ecommerce and marketing firm, ohso! design, and this fantabulous, five-year old blog, right here.  I’ve had the opportunity to observe, first-hand, the universal struggles that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers face…and the pleasure of helping a variety of individuals transform and thrive.

My writing and commentary has been featured in Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, the Long Beach Post, and numerous other publications. (Feel free to visit the Press section of this site for a full list of references.)

I earned my chops working both in the corporate world and academia.  In fact, it was at the ripe old age of 24 that I became one of the first web design instructors in SoCal at UC Irvine.  Not long after, I found that my Internet savvy was in high demand in the private sector, at which point I went to work in-house for financial giant PIMCO.  When I moved on, I spearheaded several successful web ventures as a Director of ecommerce in industries ranging from apparel to vitamins.

A lifelong love of learning lured me back to school, and I earned my MBA from Pepperdine University.  From there, I went on to start my own local boutique creative agency, ohso! design, as a vehicle to deliver design-minded marketing services and technical know-how.

In addition to running my own firm, over the years, I’ve also enjoyed serving on several advisory boards including: the Interactive Advisory board for PBS SoCal, LinkedOC, the California Women’s Conference, and the Women’s Business Council of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.

These days, I’m busy creating and consulting, working on practical posts for Chunk Of Change, working on a brand new book about the gig economy (after the success of my first title, “Sell Local, Think Global”), and speaking at conferences across the country.  I also savor my weekends, spending quality time with my husband and daughter: skiing, mountain biking, reading, and having impromptu private dance parties in my living room.

I love hearing from readers and peers and encourage you to reach out–on any platform–and engage.  I’m a real person with a real desire to communicate.  So, please, drop me a line!

Until then, be well,

The times, they are a’changing.  While the Chunk of Change (Corporate Keynote Speakers) blog has continued to serve as a resource for small business owners, it has also transformed over time to serve an important new audience: the hardworking members of the gig economy.

As the American workforce has changed, so have I.  When more and more of the entrepreneurs I knew started gigging (through Uber, AirBnB, Postmates, and on their own), I knew I had to pivot to help this underserved segment.

The idea is simple.  Small changes, over time, add up to a big “chunk of change.”  By undertaking one simple improvement at a time, you’ll eventually end up where you want to be.  My goal is to provide the strategic framework and practical action steps to move you forward.

To that end, I love Charles Darwin’s quote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives…nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Ignore the “gurus” who tell you that it’ll be easy, that you’ll end up with a four-hour work week, or that it’s something you can do in your “spare time.”  Succeeding in the freelance economy takes dedication, concentration, and effort.  But it CAN be done.

If you’re brave enough to change and determined enough to grow–one step at a time–then this is the blog for you.  And I’m incredibly proud to be able to help you along the way.

My passion is helping freelancers and entrepreneurs have an “ah-ha” moment, realize what makes them different, and undergo a transformation…and that’s the foundation of Chunk of Change. The transformation begins with identifying a little thing called your Unique Value Proposition, or UVP for short.
Let me tell you a little something about UVP…

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Of course, it’s impossible for me to do that without you.  I need to hear about your journey, your successes and failures, and epiphanies.  So, comment (I see you, lurkers, and I <3 u, too!), reach out to me on social media, or send me a good old-fashioned email.  (Since you’re not a robot, I’ll share it with you.  Its: olga[at]thisdomain[dot]com.)  I’m a real person and I really will respond.

Can’t wait,

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