Why Value Isn’t Enough & Being Different Is Everything

In this short, entertaining video by Olga Mizrahi, you’ll learn the secret to using the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) as the basis for all of your business communications.

Since this is ChunkOfChange’s very first VLOG, I’m giving away an awesome freebie to celebrate, which is…

…Me!  I will review your UVP, for FREE! (See below for full details.)

What is your UVP, exactly? Well, a Value Proposition is an inherent promise of benefit that a company gives its customers, employees, or business partners. That value is usually measured in terms of “benefit minus cost”–which holds true for any product or service in the marketplace. Of course, a large part of determining value is comparing the alternatives.

A Unique Value Proposition communicates the unique contribution your company, products, and/or services are able provide to the market–in a way that is different from your competitors. Therefore, it’s paramount to communicate the *unique* part of the UVP, answering the “Why should someone choose you in particular?” and “What makes you different?” questions.

To celebrate ChunkOfChange’s first VLOG, I’m “giving myself away” for the next two weeks!  I’ll help you determine what specific things may make up your UVP–free of charge.

Just leave your URL in the comments box below and I’ll take a look at your website in order to let you know what jumps out at me. Feel free to also leave any specific questions that you may have.  First come, first served!

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17 Responses to “Why Value Isn’t Enough & Being Different Is Everything”

  1. Congratulations on on your very first VLOG! Now you’ve got me thinking!

    • olga says:

      Elaine, that sounds dangerous ;-) I like it!

  2. Curious :)

    • olga says:

      Sara, how can I help? Do you have a specific page you’d like me to see?

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  4. Sandy Goe says:

    Your articles and the one you share hit right at the heart of any business; everything else follows what begins with our UVP. Thanks to your nifty worksheet, I’m enjoying your user friendly system of developing the UVP for our business network, and we are currently updating our website with our UVP in mind. Would love you to take a look in a couple weeks when the initial overhaul is completed. Almost used the word “done”, but I don’t believe we are ever “done”, it’s a process.
    Looking forward to your visit in Santa Barbara at the 2013 Business Network Exp. Thank you so much Olga! You are AWESOME!

    • olga says:

      Looking forward to it, Sandy! Let me know how the planning is going for the expo :)

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  6. Olga,

    Terrific video. I especially appreciate how it’s not about the “-ers,” it’s about the “-ests.” In other words, we should present our business as the best, not merely better.

    Well said,


    • olga says:

      Diana- Something tells me you have an awesome -est!

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