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When You Think About Print, Think Different

The internet has revolutionized the type of print collateral you can utilize for your business. There are incredible options out there—in unbelievably low minimum quantities.

Just about anything can be custom-made, personalized, and created in odd sizes or shapes. Simply come up with a great design (or hire a designer to wow you) and then…

…put it on something your potential customers don’t expect, whether that’s an unusually shaped brochure, a unique piece of swag, or a really cool business card.

It’s not about “choose me”…it’s about “pay attention to me.”
It’s not about being prettier…it’s about standing out.

These days, good design is a moot point. It’s a given that your aesthetic will be impeccable and that your look won’t be cliché—whether you’re talking about business cards, trade show booths, or promotional items.

But no matter what pretty thing it is that you have, if you’re not communicating your difference, then you’re in trouble.  The bottom line is this: Be different or be dead in the water.

So, tell me, how do your print pieces communicate your difference?

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