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Sell Local Think Global QR Codes

Ah, the times, they do change. no longer points the QR codes in the book to the places they go. They have "made a decision to retire hosted QR code service." Therefore, let me point you to where you need to go on this page!

Page 29 Scan Me for UVP (Unique Value Proposition) Video

Page 30 Scan Me for Claritas Link (now owned by Nielsen) Use your zip code to see what comes up in your area!

Page 61 Scan Me for Wedding Alliances: Updated! Bonus: See this post on wedding blog style me pretty. When you scroll to the bottom, it lists all the vendors that made this wedding possible. Alliances, indeed! Can you see the embedded Business Alliances Video below?

Page 71 Scan Me for Tip 12 "Figure out your audience" (I’m locating this video, stay tuned. It disappeared from its original location.)

Page 200 Scan Me on Empathy and the Power of Vulnerability Video (full presentation by Brenee Brown)

Page 234 Scan Me Barry Schwartz Ted Talk Video on Choice


I hope these help!  I sincerely apologize for the QR codes no longer going direct to the resources intended, but am glad you stopped by. Please drop me a line olga [at] to say hi! (Also, if you have any questions or if I missed one in the list above.)

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