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Cashing In On Small Change

Have you ever stopped by the Coinstar machine at your local supermarket? You "cash in" by dumping out your lint-filled change holder and getting big bills in return. In essence, you turn small change into real cash.

And that is exactly what you should be doing in your business.

It’s not about making big change. It’s about starting to take action, in baby steps, which builds momentum. The result? Often, a positive transformation that translates into an increase in the bottom line. So…

This blog offers a way to get past the paralysis by capturing your attention with quick business tips that will spark change. It’s not about changing EVERYTHING; it’s about making little changes that ADD UP.

I’ve been working with small, medium, and large business for over 15 years, both online and offline. Over time, I’ve managed to uncover some universal truths. I’ve come across the same problems, anxieties, and questions, regardless of the industry.

In this ongoing blog, I’ll be addressing those sticking points with a series of tips that can help move your business forward and allow you to cash in on your own “chunk of change.”

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