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Are You An “Other”?

iamOTHERI was elated to spend the day with Seth Godin and a tribe of linchpins the week before last in New York City.  Seth understands that delighting customers is tantamount to success in business. As I mentioned in last week’s post, attendees were sworn to verbal NDA, and all questions were off the record.  Even so, there were three more wicked takeaways that I am free to share, and they are…

  • We’ve arrived at a place where the number one survey answer is "Other."

It used to be that advertisers could conduct a survey and narrow down what media people were using.  Today, we’re so fragmented and (as Seth says) "weird" that the curve has flattened and many of us are choosing "other."  Domination is fading.  What does this mean, really?  The key is in broadcasting your own unique message across "other" channels and targeting only the people that your message will appeal to.  According to Seth, "The question is not whether you are going to be a success; the questions is whether you are going to matter."


  • Focus on delighting customers, one at a time. 

In the same vein as the previous takeaway, narrow down your focus.  You may not be able to "delight" everyone, but you can certainly focus on delighting customers selectively…and aim for a trickle-down effect.  Paying continued attention to a a small group is a better value long-term than paying intermittent attention to a large group (who will move on quickly).


  • "Doors open when you eagerly give credit."  

When you recognize the rockstars around you, people will take notice of you both.  It’s about being generous and building trust (as seen in Seth’s rubric, below).  To that end, consider sending out a success story on a regular basis.


So, I’m curious…what are your big takeaways this week?  Will you be delighting customers today?

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