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Tips And Tricks For Siri

Tips And Tricks For Siri, siri iphone tricksYes, I’m still talking about Siri. If you think she’s not relevant to you, non-iPhone users, think again. Siri is being rolled out in the next gen iPad and all sorts of other technology, including 9 new cars. According to, “BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Toyota were all listed as planning to bring Siri functionality to their wares.”

So, when I talk about Siri shortcuts (iphone 4S and the upcoming 5), it’s time to start listening…

Create text shortcuts.

  • Go to SETTINGS.
  • Go to KEYBOARD.
  • Go to SHORTCUTS.
  • Type in the phrase [See you soon!].
  • Type in the shortcut [sys].
  • Compose a text message.
  • Type in the shortcut letters.
  • See the full phrase and hit SEND.

Siri Tips and TricksErase a large amount of text.

  • Type (or dictate) a string of words in a text message or the body of an email.
  • Shake the phone back and forth a few times.
  • Click UNDO TYPING.

To restore what you erased, shake again, and click REDO TYPING.



Get Siri to search for a flight.

  • Say: “Google search [American Airlines] [33].”
  • Say: “Google search flights from [LAX] to [JFK].”
  • Note, if you prefer Yahoo or Bing, say "Bing Search…"

Add emoticons with your voice.

  • Open a new text message.
  • Click the microphone button that the bottom of the screen.
  • Dictate a text message.
  • Say: “Smile Face” OR “Wink Face.”

siri sending multiple photosSend multiple photos at once.

  • Go to PHOTOS.
  • Click the arrow in the upper right hand corner.
  • Select which items you’d like to send.
  • Click SHARE.
  • Select EMAIL or MESSAGE.




Now, share with the class: What are some of your favorite Siri shortcuts?

Tips And Tricks For Siri

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