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We’re Number One: How To Get Your Customers To Help You Figure Out Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Have you figured out your Unique Value Proposition yet?unique value proposition means they choose you

As a reminder, a UVP communicates the unique contribution your company, products, and/or services are able provide to the market–in a way that is different from your competitors. In other words, “Why should someone choose you in particular?” and “What makes you stand out from the pack?”

If you’re having a hard time determining your UVP, try…

…asking someone else. No, really. Your customers probably have a better idea about what your “-est” is than you do (e.g. the fastest, the friendliest, the cheapest, etc.).

You can find out more about the “-ests” here.

Don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time nailing down your UVP. Instead, get your team to ask your best customers for testimonials.

I don’t necessarily mean that you need to ask them to write one up for you. Instead, next time someone on your team is talking to a client, who says that they’re thankful to your company for something (or remarks about something that sets your company apart), instruct your team to say “thank you” and ask “can I quote you on that”? In other words, take advantage of these testimonial opportunities when they arise.

The other way to request a testimonial is through LinkedIn. If someone has given you a compliment, ask them to say the same thing about you on LinkedIn. (Remember: regardless of where it’s coming from, a “testimonial” doesn’t have to be long winded. It can be as simple as three words or a single sentence.)

What your customers say about you should start to uncover a theme…and that theme will help you uncover your “-est.”

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