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Opportunities Abound: Why You Don’t Need To Overthink Your Advisory Board

Start your own board, Strategy Marketing ConsultingRecently, I talked about the importance of starting your own advisory board.  I realize that it may seem like an overwhelming task. Don’t overthink it, though.  Remember that, often, …

…all you need to do to get help is to ask for it.

Start by just looking around you:

  • Who’s in your existing network?
  • Who do you know in a business that is complementary to yours?
  • Who are your “professional” friends?
  • Who did you go to school with?

There are opportunities everywhere; you just have to look around for them.

  • Whose opinions do you value?
  • Who’s perceptive about things you might miss?
  • Who knows more than you about specific subject areas?
  • Who’s had a failed run at your kind of business? (They’re not competition anymore…and you can learn from their mistakes.)

Once you’ve thought about who might be a good fit:

  • Keep it small and intimate—no more than 5 people.
  • Limit it to those whose opinions you truly value.
  • Make sure you stick with people whose advice you are willing to act on—whether they’re in your practice area or not.

Finally, after you’ve identified a small group, schedule a lunch (that you pay for), and make sure that:

  • There’s confidentiality (an NDA of some kind).
  • That you have prepared a list of specific questions and concerns.
  • There’s some sort of follow-up scheduled.

I just scheduled a lunch with three of my favorite professionals: a lawyer, a video producer, and an editor.  I’m sure I’ll come out of it more energized and focused than I am now.

So, who’s your next lunch going to be with?

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