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Smart iTunes Radio Ad Makes It A Febreze To Laugh In The Face of Odor

Listening to iTunes radio ad on a recent 405 freeway torture session, I was surprised to find myself enjoying … a radio commercial for Febreze car vent clips. The radio spot was definitely entertaining, voicing the scheming thoughts of a universally unsavory odor whose car-invading smells were foiled by a Febreze clippy thing. Yet to my marketing-tuned ear, the real success of the spot came way before the commercial copy was written. What anchored the Febreze commercial was…

…a very perceptive understanding of the advertising format or marketing medium (radio) and the particular segment of the brand’s market that medium would reach (itunes radio users with little tolerance for commercials).

First off, you have to admire any business that advertises via radio because it’s a tough marketing medium. Set aside the majority of radio spots that embrace over-the-top cheesiness while completely missing the opportunity to build rapport by way of ironic in-joke. At least then the listener might forgive the interruption.

Because that’s what radio commercials amount to — an intrusion on a music listener’s slow jammin’ good time. Thus, radio listeners tend to feel like a captive audience, and will throw all kinds of bitch face as soon as they sense an impending radio spot.

Where does that bratty resentment come from? After all, we all understand that radio advertisements subsidize our free listening experiences, but still indulge our inner ingrate teenager. Maybe it’s the lack of choice in the settings we’re actually using radio as an escape from; in short, we feel trapped! Think of those radio listeners, who tend to tune in during the drudge of a commute, enjoying some tunes as they snail home in their cars, or using their earbuds as a protective force field to tune out weirdos on public transit.

And guess what? Febreze, like, totally gets all of this and tailored its radio spots accordingly. The brand not only acknowledged listeners’ natural commercial aversion but deflected that annoyance toward Evil Smell. Bam! Just like that, Febreze is our commiserating BFF, ready to help us kick that good-for-nothing smell to the curb. Well played, Febreze, well played.

Febreze, looks like you just earned your newest Brand Ambassador, me 🙂

What is the last radio spot that got your attention?


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