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Attack of the Pod(cast) People: Talking To The Conscious Millionaire

When author and speaker JV Crum III recently asked me, "What does it mean to you to be a ‘conscious entrepreneur’," I’ll admit, I was kind of stumped for a moment.

ConsciousConsumer_LogoAlthough we all use the term "conscious" quite a bit (e.g. eco-conscious, socially conscious, etc.) as business jargon, we rarely stop to think about its true meaning.

Upon careful consideration, I realized that for me–as a small business owner–it means starting with values, rather than goals.

And, of course, it only gets deeper from there…as you’ll hear in my recent interview with JV.

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It is, as the prolific "Conscious Millionaire" podcaster reminders his listeners, quite possible to "make money by making a difference." Thus, he and I spoke about a topic near and dear to my heart, namely: How to Grow Sales by Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace.

An entrepreneur and self-made millionaire himself, Mr. Crum has an overarching purpose to "make a better world" by helping "conscious business owners, coaches, experts,  professionals, healers, internet marketers, and change agents, who are motivated to uplift and empower others."

Take a listen (to any or all of the 35-minute segment) and enjoy!

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