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Oops I Did It Again, Now In ‘The Gig Is Up’

I wrote a published business book! It’s in the Library of Congress! Impressive right? Are you ready…

I wrote another one!

Introducing,  The Gig Is Up: Thrive in the Gig Economy, Where Old Jobs Are Obsolete and Freelancing Is the Future!

The Gig is Up - You as a super hero in the gig economy!Fear not loyal readers, it’s not a ginned-up superhero sequel to Sell Local, Think Global. (Sorry Batman fans.) Even better, it positions you to be the Superhero in the new economy, where 94% of the new jobs created in the last decade are not 9-5. The traditional work day, and therefore the traditional work environment, are an endangered species; the gig economy continues to explode and now touches every part of our daily lives: from your Uber driver to doctor to corporate consultants. Being your own boss, employee, and marketing team is becoming the mainstream.

Freelancers need to clearly answer the question “Why choose you?” so that they stand out in this new economy.  So before donning your cape and fancy leotard, you need to be able to answer the question personally. Your specialized tool for being the only choice is identifying, and learning how to communicate your Unique Value Proposition.

The Gig is Up gets you inside my head…

By drawing on my knowledge and experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs find their Unique Value Proposition, I sat down and (literally) wrote the book on surviving and thriving in the gig economy. Thriving in the gig economy means both seasoned veterans, and brand newbies need to understand new apps and online platforms, stand out from the crowd, and shout their UVP from the rooftops!  The Gig Is Up offers the best boots-on-the-ground methods for success: instead of focusing on your dreams and goals alone, it gives you the tools to understand how to compete, and put the best version of yourself up front and center.

It is perfectly OK to be scared of these rapid changes. I am here for you and fully believe you can thrive in a new economy where half of us will identify as contract or freelance workers in the next three years…that’s a BIG change. If you are ready to take my hand, I’m excited to share a sneak-peek with you! I was able to snag a sample chapter from the finished book and it’s yours, absolutely free.

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