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The Evolution of Selling Your Stuff: The Bar is Raised

Remember the days of selling your stuff via a classified ad? You only needed one asset: the copy (text) on the ad giving information on the car for sale. ┬áThen came a newspaper like publication dedicated to selling cars: the Auto Trader. So at least two assets were required: the copy and a fuzzy b&w picture that you sent in, or scheduling a photographer from the publication to take a snap. Now, at bare minimum…


auto trader picture…several assets, posted to several websites, from craigslist to ebay, to KBB to, are required. First, upload the spot-on copy about your baby, but most importantly, the more pictures of your car the better. Those pictures possibly need some editing time in a photo program, too. Some folks go for extra credit and may have a link to their private website with more details.

But the power of video, now that’s a game changer.
You know humor and quirk always get me, so of course this "buy my volvo" video had me smiling.


Screenshot 2014-05-19 23.03.23And then immediately realizing the asset bar has just been raised again: scripting, video, editing, voice-over, special effects, musical score, go pro….need I go on?



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