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Failing To Answer “So What”: Features And Benefits As Told By Chalene Johnson

This week, I wanted to talk about features and benefits.  Chalene Johnson

Fortunately, I stumbled across a very succinct video by fitness pitch woman and overall badass Chalene Johnson, wherein she talks about "failing" on QVC.  That in itself is interesting, but there is an amazing hidden gem that starts at minute 27 in this video that will blow your mind in terms of how you communicate about your business. Unfortunately, this video ONLY appears on Facebook and (also a bummer) it couldn’t be clipped.

Thus, I recommend clicking through below and fast-forwarding to the 27:00 minute mark (where Chalene talks about leaving out the flour and the eggs). Look for: "The difference between mediocre results and killer results."

Chalene riffs that, of course, you have to: (1) have a story, (2) explain why you are so excited about your product, (3) convey why you are the best at bringing it to market, (4) give the price, and (5) reveal how users’ lives are going to be changed by using this product.

But the BIG secret lies in linking features to benefits immediately.

Don’t feel bad if you’re thinking "Huh?!?"  Truth be told, most small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t truly know the distinct difference between the two.  Most people treat features and benefits as the same exact thing!

When you clearly understand the difference, it is magical–especially as it relates to your marketing efforts.  Even a cursory image search on Google for "features versus benefits" shows us that almost everyone has got it wrong!


But, you won’t be confused anymore after watching this clip…because Chalene breaks it down in the best no-brainer way I’ve ever heard.  Remember this:

  • Feature: What is unique about the product/service.
  • Benefit: Why that is awesome for your dear consumer! (insert a you! talk to them!)

piyo-programUsing her own PIYO program as an example, Chalene totally nails it by giving you the following examples:

  • One of the features of PIYO is that you can do it at home. That means you don’t have to drive to the gym!
  • One of  the features of PIYO is its a fusion of yoga and pilates–all the best stuff from each.  With this unique weight loss program, you burn calories doing what was once just a "stretching thing"!
  • One of the features of PIYO is that you receive a well thought-out calendar.  Now, you don’t have to think about what to do every day!

You know I always harp on the importance of UVP.  By having a clear unique value proposition, you are already summing up both of these things in one main "big picture" statement…or at least one very large key differentiator.

Now, take it to the next level by listing out things on the micro level for a product or service. How can you take the products/services you offer and break them down into linking feature-to-benefit statements?

Let me know your best shot by posting a features/benefits statement about your product/service below…or let’s do it together!  You’re not sure if you did it right?  To reward your bravery, just email me at [olga at chunkofchange dot com]  to schedule your FREE 20-minute call.

One of the features of talking to me is that you get a consultation to see if you are on the right track, and you get the rare benefit of talking to a marketing expert for zip-zilch-zero from the convenience of your phone!


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