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#BestWorkDay: What I Do On My Most Ideal Work Days

This week, I’m taking a page from LinkedIn’s editorial calendar and speaking to November’s hashtag: #BestWorkDay.  I absolutely love what I do: running a design firm, meeting with clients, writing a blog, working on a new book, and going out and speaking, coupled with running back and forth between the PTA, dance recitals, piano lessons, and emergency dog walking sessions.  It’s a blur, but it’s a joy…and it’s extremely fulfilling.

Obviously, as a proud member of the gig economy, every day looks different for me.  But, on days when I get to do things according to my own rhythm, it goes a little something like this.

Olga’s Ideal Day:

  • Wake up before the sun, naturally
  • Get a post-workout shake ready
  • Work out at the beach for 45 minutes to an hour while the sun comes up

  • Take a moment while stretching to reflect, meditate, or think about the day coming up
  • Drink that yummy shake
  • Shower
  • Actually dry and style my hair
  • Put on something comfy and cute for the day
  • Get my daughter and husband up
  • Take the dog out for some yard time
  • Spend breakfast time with the family
  • Get ready for work and school
  • Go into my office
  • Take a moment to pick up and file the always-leftover paperwork from the day before
  • Use my system to update my daily list (checking against my weekly and Goals to Tasks)
  • Open emails and see what I can take care of quickly and then be disciplined enough to move on if time runs out
  • Go into my day of meetings, writing, and speaking
  • Lead a client through a spirited unique value proposition (UVP) session
  • Talk to BFF Sarah on Facetime (about billable stuff or nothing at all)
  • Let the dog take me out for a stroll
  • Meet a fun person for an engaging lunch
  • Wrap up the work day
  • Pick up my daughter from school (I made a conscious choice when she was in 3rd grade that I wanted to be the one to pick her up from school, every day)
  • Greet my daugher with a smile, watching her beam and loving that hug
  • Take her for a treat: be it some time in the park or a cupcake at Frosted
  • Drop her off at dance
  • Get back in the office for any wrap-up work (sometimes with a glass of wine)
  • Plan to cook something delicious for dinner (while my husband picks up my daughter from dance)
  • Actually clean as I cook to make dinner and cleanup stress-free later
  • Break bread with the fam with a word of gratitude and grace from the young’n
  • Talk about our days, both the rose and the thorn, to support and love each other
  • Relax after dinner with the hubby while the girl gets homework done and gets ready for bed
  • Take the dog around the neighborhood for an evening constitutional
  • Put girl to bed with a silly game of “faces” (where the hubby turns the lights on and off while channeling his inner loony tune)
  • Get my jammies on and use my Clarisonic (love a clean face!)
  • Have some adult conversation and laugh about all the things
  • Watch a new Silicon Valley (love!) and laugh some more
  • Turn in and turn it all off (leaving the phone downstairs)
  • G’nite!

I’m curious!  What does your #BestWorkDay look like?  How do you spend your time?  Share by commenting below.  

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