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Write A Love Letter to your Ideal Client

Happy Valentine’s Day! How do you get a customer to fall in love with what you uniquely have to offer? The first impression has to do with attraction, what you communicate clearly to get you in the door (and maybe even to first base!). Worry about the rest later.

Pining for a great client across the room, then maybe even making googly-eyes, let’s you know that something is there, but you’ll never really know unless you pass that love letter to your potential right one. Now, think for a moment. If your service offerings were more like a personal ad, what would make your services or product swipe-right worthy?

Think of your love letter like a personal ad.

Once you understand what makes your stuff attractive to your potential dream client, you gotta shout out your unique value  from the rooftops!

So, before your client has the chance to meet the incredible and capable human that you are, they will need to be woo’d. "Why choose you?" is your love letter that needs to clearly communicate why you are not only the best choice, but the only choice!

Now, woo me (in the comments or just reach out. I’m here for ya!)

Love ya,

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