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Siri(ous) Business: How To Take Full Advantage Of Your iPhone Throughout The Day

siri-all-in-a-days-work-chunkofchange, Tips And Tricks For Siri, siri for iphone5For many people, Siri is simply a fun “toy” to play with from time to time.  For me, though, Siri is a productivity necessity.  I use her functions throughout the day to get stuff done more easily and efficiently.  If you know how to take advantage of all of the iPhone’s features, Siri can seriously lighten your load.

Here’s how she works for me…

Siri on iPhone Commands


  • Get up with an alarm I set the night before. (“Set an alarm for 6:00 a.m.”)
  • Figure out what day it is. (“What is today’s date?”)
  • Play some meditation music. (“Play ‘Chilly Chill’. ”)Siri-Playlist-ChillyChill
  • Set a timer for my morning meditation. (“Set a timer for 10 minutes.”)
  • Look at my calendar. (“When is my next appointment?” and “What does the rest of my day look like?”)
  • Decide what to wear. (“What’s the weather for today?”)
  • Check my stocks. (“What’s Netflix’s stock price?”)
  • Eat Breakfast. (“How many calories are in an english muffin?”)Siri-Calories-English-Muffin
  • Read the paper. (“Open the Wall Street Journal.”)
  • Check my email. (“Check email.”)
  • Phone my editor to ask a question.  (“Call Sarah Daniels.”)
  • Send a follow up email to my editor.  (“Mail Sarah Daniels.” – “Thank you.” – “I appreciate the great copyediting.”)
  • Set up a meeting for later in the day. (“Set up a planning meeting with Sarah Daniels at 2:00 p.m.”)
  • Get a client’s contact information.  (“Show Clint Bigham.”)
  • Find out if my client sent me an email. (“Any new email from Clint today?”)
  • Pull up a friend’s birthday. (“When is Dezire Lumachi’s birthday?”)
  • Find out where she is. (“Where’s Dezire?”)
  • Tell Siri who my husband is. (“Geoff Mizrahi is my husband.”)
  • Call my husband. (“Call my husband at work.”)
  • Remind myself to pick up my dry cleaning. (“Remind me to pick up dry cleaning when I leave here.”)
  • Move my afternoon appointment. (“Move my 2:00 p.m. meeting to 3:30.”)
  • Add another person to our meeting. (“Add Dimple Thakkar to my meeting with Sarah Daniels.”)
  • Grab a coffee. (“Find coffee near me.”)
  • Figure out the tip. (“What is a 15% tip on $4.64?”)
  • Log my expense. (“Note that I spent $5.34 on coffee.”)
  • Head back home. (“How do I get home?”)
  • Check a new text message. (“Read me my texts.”)
  • Tell my editor I’m running late for our meeting. (“Send a message Sarah on her mobile saying ‘I’ll be late’.”)
  • Find my note about expenses. (“Find my ‘coffee’ note.”)
  • Figure out when sunset is.” (“When is sunset?”)
  • Book a dinner reservation. (“Make a reservation for 7:00 p.m.”)Siri-Reservation-7pm
  • Think about going to see a movie. (“What movies are playing near me?”)Siri-Look-For-Type-Of-Movie
  • Mess with Siri a little. ("Siri, Call me an ambulance.")siri-call-me-an-ambulance

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So, I’m curious… How do you use Siri throughout the day?

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