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Over 50 Gigs You Can Do From Home

meme about working from home without pantsWhen you think of gigging, you probably tend to think of all of the "out and about" jobs–like deliveries, dog walking, ride sharing, caregiving, and so on.  What about those of us who have no desire to leave the house (or coworking space), though?  Good news!  There are a host of gigs you can do from home that don’t require so much as putting on pants (as long as the coworking space says it’s okay).

Paper Pushers

Do you know any shortcuts or tricks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook?  If so, you might be well-suited to do virtual administrative work for busy execs who need to outsource their office tasks.  Consider putting your admin skillz to work in the following roles:

  • Virtual executive assistant
  • Email handler (replying and prioritizing)
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Travel coordinator
  • General office admin
  • Project manager
  • Researcher
  • Fact checker
  • Data entry clerk
  • Digital file organizer

Treasure Hunters

Finding vendors and materials is a time-consuming task and the playing field is beyond broad.  Many entrepreneurs and manufacturers need help finding exactly what they’re looking for (the needle in the haystack) through online platforms.  If you can do detailed research, communicate with suppliers by email and phone, and do a little matchmaking, sourcing in any of the following roles might be just the thing for you:

  • Vendor manager
  • Vendor communications rep
  • Sourcing researcher
  • Online personal shopper
  • Product sourcer

Super Shoppers

Perhaps you’re a whiz at finding great deals, a specialist at searching for hard-to-find products, or a patient price watcher.

meme of john travolta confused in target
What Did I Come In For Again??

Any of those talents qualify you to shop on someone else’s behalf.  Likewise, if you’re good at keeping yourself entertained while waiting, you can hold someon’s place in line (either electronically or physically).  There are plenty of deep pockets who would love someone to help them find that perfect thing.  If you’re a super shopper, consider any of the following: 

  • Personal shopper
  • Bargain hunter
  • Rare item researcher
  • Auction watcher
  • Seller in an online marketplace (e.g. eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, etc.)
  • Line placeholder

Word Nerds

Do you possess the gift of language?  Perhaps you were an English, literature, or professional writing major.  If you’re a wordsmith of any variety (English or a foreign language), consider putting your linguistic talents to work in the following gigs:

  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Brainstormer
  • Translator
  • Transcriptionist
  • Resume creator (or refiner)
  • Online dating assistant
  • Social media poster


There are plenty of professors and teachers who don’t have the time or the inclination to do all of their own homework/paper/test reviews, edits, and grading.  Likewise, there are students who just need a little bit of extra help.  If you can take some of the load off of their plates, they’ll be grateful enough to compensate you accordingly.  No matter what your major was, you probably are skilled enough in one area (or more) to review or assist with student work.  Consider any of the following academic pursuits:

  • Term paper reviewer (commenting and proofreading)
  • Test/homework grader
  • Online tutor

People People

If you’re a "people person," there are tons of ways you can help your fellow introverts.  Perhaps you have the gift of gab, a persuasive nature, a helpful personality, or just a pleasant telephone demeanor.  Consider putting your social skills to work in any of the following roles:

  • Sales (online or phone)
  • Party planner
  • Event marketer
  • Customer service rep
  • Customer support rep
  • Chat operator


Many of us have a variety of computer skills, but we may not think of ourselves as experts.  Regardless, your niche skills may be just the thing a startup or solopreneur needs.  Put your nerdy skills to work doing these kinds of things:

  • Photo retouching
  • Website design
  • Website maintenance
  • Programming
  • App development
  • Blog optimization


50 Gigs Working from Home - meme about lucrative work from home jobs allowing for flexible schedulesFinally, in the miscellaneous category, here are few other stay-put ideas you might enjoy:

  • At-home doggie daycare
  • Amatuer photographer (products)
  • Voiceover artist
  • Arts & crafts crafter
  • Pattern maker
  • Seamstress

If I can come up with more than 50 gigs you can do from home in one sitting, I’m sure you can come up with plenty of others on your own.  Sign up for any of the myriad freelance websites (or try your luck posting your prowess on Craigslist) and start putting your valuable talents to work.  Remember: just about anything can become a side hustle if you find the right marketplace for it!

There’s more where all of this came from.  To improve your side hustle game, check out my latest book.

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